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The two have previously shared screen space in Hum Saath-Saath Hain, and also played supporting roles in Biwi No.Meanwhile, the actress will soon be seen in Jaawani Jaaneman with Saif Ali Khan.Interestingly, this is not Tabu and Saif’s first film together. “Film taiyaar ho gayi hai [the film is ready], but we will talk about it when we are promoting the film,” she says. 1. The film is still liked by the audience and the media.The actress adds that getting a National Award is an honour. “The National Award means a lot to all of us and has vital importance as well. The actress reveals that the team had an impromptu celebration in Melbourne when the news broke. SPACE SAVE CUBE VACUUM BAG/VACUUM STORAGE Tabu In the recently announced National Awards, not only did Sriram Raghavan’s Andhadhun bag the award for Best Screenplay, the film’s frontman Ayushmann Khurrana too bagged the National Award for the Best Actor.

However, Tabu attributes the win to the film’s increasing popularity. This never-ending talk about its success feels excellent,” she shares, adding that the amount of love she has received was completely unexpected. Hearing the announcement of the National Awards was a special moment for us, and we celebrated there itself,” she gushes.. “It is a good thing that the success of the film kept increasing by leaps and bounds.“We were all in Melbourne together along with Sriram Raghavan.And Tabu, who was Ayushmann’s co-star in Andhadhun, agrees that it is was indeed a moment of celebration.“It was beyond my imagination that my character would get so much love and affection,” she smiles.The actress reveals that the team had an impromptu celebration in Melbourne when the news broke. Of course, it’s a prestigious award,” she says.


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Great Eastern Restaurant: Here you will find rolling carts of Shu-mai almost everywhere filling your sense and streets with delicious aromas. Yes, it’s Orientalist kitsch, but also an institution that consistently ranks among San Francisco top dives. This cookie factory is situated on a small narrow side street in Chinatown with no close parking. This colourful landmark shop carries a range of kites, feng shui items and decorations in a festive setting. Both it and the golden dragon streetlights beyond draw visitors up to Grant Avenue’s shops.San Francisco’s Chinatown is a unique cultural adventure you will never forget.However, if you want to make sure you enjoy your trip fully, the trick is to make sure you visit San Francisco’s Chinatown.Chinese Culture Center: The Chinese Culture Center is a major community-based, non-profit organization established in 1965 as the operations center of the Chinese Culture Foundation. As some of Chinatown’s grander banquet halls have shuttered, the three floors, 225-seat R&G Lounge chugs forward, serving lychee martinis and salt-and-pepper crab to the clamoring hordes.via GIPHYR & G Lounge: This celebrated Cantonese grub, dished out in a basic downstairs space and more formal upstairs room. But while you are on your visit to this place do try their authentic dim sum at Great Eastern Restaurant.

Even locals who sneer at touristy activities confess to loving the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company, which has been cranking out these takeout staples since 1962. Full of aunties and uncles by day, it transitions to a hangout for club kids and other night owls sharing a last Tsingtao over a plate of spare ribs. Located on the third floor of the Hilton, the CCC’s visual exhibitions run the gamut from street art to avant-garde photography, and admission is free. They offer variety of dumplings and buns also which definitely fills your belly without burning a hole in your pocket. The green interior adds to the nourish thrill.Young girls standing at a street corner in San Franciscos China TownHistorical Society of America: This museum accounts the experiences of Chinese immigrant in US through photos and artefacts.Budget: Ideally a five day budget trip to San Francisco should cost you around $1700- $2000 per person.Chinatown Kite Shop: Grant Avenue is lined with herbal shops and trinket stores of all kinds, but the Chinatown Kite Shop stands out. Once there travellers can get a taste of San Francisco’s Chinatown with this one-day itinerary filled with food, history, shopping and more. This unique Dragon’s Gate was constructed in the proper Chinese style: out of stone, not wood. Hip but not slavishly trendy, R&G balances elaborate, traditional dishes with the cravings of even the most Americanised palates. Housed in a Julia Morgan-designed landmark building, the Chinese Historical Society of America charges patrons a mere $5 to learn about Chinese-American contributions to culture and history beyond San Francisco, and you may see a wedding tea ceremony if you stop in on a weekend. Pro-tip: CHSA offers tours not only of the museum but of the larger neighborhood.Dragons Gate: It is the landmark gateway arch marking the entrance to the citys iconic Chinatown neighborhood.While San Francisco is known for its cuisine and tourist attractions, a visit to its Chinatown is a unique cultural adventure in itself. And they’re open until 8:30pm daily, so you can browse late.Golden Gate Hanging vacuum bags Manufacturers Fortune Cookie Factory: Landmark bakery prepares homemade fortune cookies in a tiny open kitchen, with free tours available.. What makes it an element of surprise is how Chinatown for past 50 years has been documenting the artistic endeavours of the immigrant populations who’ve made their lives there. On the higher spectrum, costing can go up to $4000- $500 per person. The restaurant is known for its affordable menu. Yes, it’s the best place for dragon kites and handmade treasures, but you can also find iPad cases and random oddities. Dragon's Gate is the landmark gateway arch marking the entrance to the city's iconic Chinatown neighborhood. Initially it was built in 1970 to anchor the neighbourhood’s southern entrance. This includes travel, stay and food. San Francisco is famously known for its scrumptious food, Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and many more famous attractions.Li Po Cocktail Lounge: This is a 77-year-old watering hole named after an ancient poet is famous for its Chinese Mai Tai and for the golden Buddha behind the wraparound bar. So small that more than 10 people would jam the inside.Shu Mais and dimsums are one of the most popular fares in the areaYuet Lee: This late-night Cantonese seafood restaurant open until 3am five nights a week might be Chinatown’s nocturnal capital. Smells wonderful inside when they are baking.So do stop by San Francisco’s famous Chinatown and reward your curious soul with lip smacking dishes and great sightseeing. Take a tour, buy a bag to go, and satisfy your curiosity about how exactly they get those fortunes in there before the dough hardens.It is the oldest and second largest Chinatown in North America.


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And his anger is justified — one can only tolerate so much invasion of privacy. He has been in the bad books of the paparazzi for a while now. He is a friendly guy otherwise, if you will meet him at events and interviews. Less than a month later, when he was partying at a swish Bandra hub with his besties Ayan Mukherji and Aarti Shetty, he was followed again and this time too he snatched away a journalist’s camera, telling him to ask his boss to call him, if he wanted it back. On November 14 last year, Ranbir made headlines after he lost his cool when some television photographer tried to capture him and his former lady love Katrina Kaif at their previous residence. From the time the star couple moved in together, the paparazzi would wait outside the gate. It took numerous calls for the photographer’s employer to get hold of Ranbir to request him to return the phone.Gone are the days when Ranbir Kapoor used to be a media-friendly guy. When the actor saw that, he confronted the photographer, took away his phone and drove off.

Speaking of this behavioral pattern, a friend of the actor said, “Ranbir gets very irked by how the paparazzi chases him wherever he goes. Not too long ago he had snatched a television photographer’s camera and just a couple of days ago he took away a freelance photographer’s phone.”. To a certain degree it is part and parcel of a star’s life, but not to this extent. His best friend Ayan Mukerji was accompanying him at the time. Reportedly, the other residents in the neighbourhood complained of the constant media frenzy, irking Ranbir further more. Ranbir Kapoor GOOD QUALITY VACUUM SEAL STORAGE BAGS Manufacturers Gone are the days when Ranbir Kapoor used to be a media-friendly guy. The actor warned him that he would take police action next time an incident like this happens. It was then, when the furious actor chased down a TV cameraperson and finally snatched his bag refusing to give it back. The constant invasion into his personal space, is nowadays getting the better of him and Ranbir has had multiple instances of scuffle with the media. The incident had taken place right outside his Pali Hill home. But no one will like it if they are constantly being followed by the cameras. The actor, who was earlier known for his polite ways with the paparazzi, now makes his irritation evident, every time they come near him. Only when the owner of the concerned TV channel called Ranbir, did he return it. It seems the latter was trying to click Ranbir’s photo while he was stepping out of his car.


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However, you need to be at a short distance in order for the depth sensors to measure them.Networking: 82. Unlike most other VR headsets around, the Google one is soft and comfortable and comes with a wireless air remote, which makes using VR apps easier than usual. The same can be experienced in future for almost all of your shopping needs. It will still be a while when this technology goes mainstream and reaches the hands of end users.GPU: Adreno 530. It is a simple slab of glass and metal sandwiching the powerful internals in between.The Zenfone AR has a great display panel. Virtually being in a shopping mall, or a museum, or another indoor, by simply being on a couch at all times. The phone is ahead of its time and the AR experience will definitely help you gain some brownie points with friends. For example, you can play with virtual toys, or bring on screen a pet — in short, you can interact with them as though they are actually there.2, NFC.

net">Travel Vacuum Bag Rajan Wadhera said: "The technology will initially be available in Jeeto and Imperio in the small commercial vehicles space; Arjun Novo in the tractor space; Mahindra Blazo in the heavy commercial vehicles space; China vacuum compressed bag and Earthmaster in the construction equipment space.jpg The technology will provide data like locating the vehicles real-time, history of the vehicle travel. mahindra_3_0. "Available as a subscription-based service, the technology will eventually be available across the entire line-up of Mahindra's vehicles".. Mumbai: Utility vehicle maker Mahindra & Mahindra on August 26 launched DiGiSense, a technology solution aimed at empowering owners, fleet operators, drivers, dealers and service teams to access information about their vehicles on a real-time basis. The alert notification includes over speeding and excessive idling by drivers.vacuumspacebag. The technology will provide data like locating the vehicles real-time, history of the vehicle travel, reduce idling time in traffic zones with better route plan and save fuel cost and improve productivity. "This new technology will be available in select variants of M&M commercial and passenger vehicles to tractors and construction equipment and will cost between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 per vehicle," M&M Executive Director Pawan Goenka told reporters here.The technology will provide data like locating the vehicles real-time, history of the vehicle travel. "We regularly challenge conventional thinking and create disruptions and the launch of DiGiSense 1. M&M President and Chief Executive, Truck, Power Train Division and Head.


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However, he dismissed "naysayers" this week and stressed the historic nature of the launch on what he has described as a "flight-proven" rocket."As for the cost of today&Cube vacuum space bags Factory39;s launch, Martin Halliwell, chief technology officer at SES, has declined to say publicly the exact amount."With each flight, we'll continuously improve the affordability of space exploration and research, opening space for all.com founder Jeff Bezos, has also successfully landed its New Shepard booster after launch, by powering its engines to guide it down for a controlled, upright landing.They include "worries about it failing, insurance implications, retrofitting turnaround, building up a critical mass of reused first stages in the warehouse," said the global investment banking firm Jefferies International in an April report.SpaceX, the California-based company headed by internet entrepreneur Elon Musk, has for years been honing the technology of powering its boosters back to careful Earth landings on solid ground and in the water.The goal of the launch is to send a communications satellite for Luxembourg-based company SES into a distant orbit.The goal, Musk has said, is to make rocket parts just as reusable as # cars, planes or bicycles. Currently, millions of dollars worth of rocket parts are jettisoned after each launch.

"Reusability allows us to fly the system again and again," said a statement on Blue Origin's website.". While generating plenty of buzz, the novel process still raises concerns for both customers and SpaceX. SpaceX officials have said that reusing hardware could slash costs -- with each Falcon 9 launch costing over $61 million -- by about 30 per cent. The goal of the launch, scheduled for 6:27 pm from Cape Canaveral, Florida, is to send a communications satellite for Luxembourg-based company SES into a distant orbit."I think we are on the edge of quite a significant bit of history here," he told a press conference. SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk (Photo: AFP) SpaceX is poised to launch its first recycled rocket today, using a booster that sent food and supplies to the astronauts living at the International Space Station in April. "Now we are here to be the first ever mission to fly on a pre-flown booster," he said." SpaceX competitor Blue Origin, run by Amazon.Standing tall at the NASA launchpad, the white Falcon 9 rocket contains a tall, column-like portion known as the first stage, or booster, that propelled the unmanned Dragon cargo ship to space last year, then returned to an upright landing on an ocean platform."But the direction of travel is clear. So far it has successfully landed eight -- five on so-called "drone ships" floating in the ocean, and three on land."This is obviously hugely exciting.


The civic officials demolished the illegal coverings

However we found that they were also serving patrons in these areas.Assistant municipal commissioner from ‘A’ ward Kiran Dighavkar said, “Most of the restaurants claimed that the covering was for monsoon protection. Accordingly, action was taken against Shiv Sagar Restaurant, Salt Water Café and Chopsticks at Veer Nariman Road, as they were found illegally occupying its compulsory open space. The BMC had initiated the action following the directives of state Lokayukta, who had asked civic body to take action against hotels and restaurants for covering compulsory open spaces. (Photo: Shripad Naik) 24DEMOLITION1.


The Samrat restaurant, which is also located on the same road, vacated the open space on their own. “We asked the eateries to restore the compulsory open space within two days of the receipt of the notice, failing which the same would be demolished by us without any further intimation,” said a civic official. (Photo: Shripad Naik)The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Thursday took action against several popular eateries in Churchgate by removing the illegal extensions raised by them in the compulsory open spaces.According to the civic officials, a 48-hour notice had been served to the eateries on June 20, which had covered their compulsory open space.


The civic officials demolished the illegal coverings, which had been erected by these eateries. These eateries were found operating their business at these spaces, thus violating the China Travel Vacuum Space Bag Manufacturers municipal norms, said civic officials.”. The BMC had also planned to take action against Kamling, Gaylords and Pizza by the Bay, but they received a stay from the court.BMC workers demolish an illegal structure of a restaurant near Churchgate station.jpg BMC workers demolish an illegal structure of a restaurant near Churchgate station